Wondering what a day at YouthWrite looks like? Wonder no longer!


At Youthwrite, your day starts bright and early and ends quite late.  Here's a snapshot of the day:


8:00 am 

Have a chat, write a story, send some mail, or make some coffee while you wait for a delicious breakfast to be prepared by the kitchen staff. 


8:30 am 

After breakfast, play some warm-up games with your Youthwrite friends and the Supers to get ready for your busy day! 


9:00 am 

Then write, drum, sing, or dance your heart out in your first class before heading for a snack break in the cafeteria. 


10:15 am

Then it's class #2, followed by a tasty lunch, MAIL!!!, and then the best part: Sacred Writing Time! Get plenty of quiet time to yourself to start a new piece or continue a work in progress. 

1:00 pm

During free time, you can choose to continue writing, play games, have a nap, do an Inkling, plot world domination, or go for a swim with some pals (and a Super!).


2:00 pm

After free time, it's learning time once again with your third class of the day. 


5:00 pm

Then, after a quick snack break, it's your final class of the day, and then dinner! 


6:30 pm 

If you've brought a costume for theme night, now's the time to break it out! Who knows; you might win a prize after the Beeg Show!


7:00 pm 

After all the writing, goofing, and world-dominating you've done, it's time for a bedtime story by a guest author; it could be one of your instructors, or even someone who came to share something special just for you! 


10:30 pm 

Before you know it, it's bedtime, and you'd better get plenty of sleep so you can do this all over again tomorrow! 


Sweet dreams and happy camping!