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Welcome to our YouthWrite® website!  Whether you're a newcomer, long-time camper, past participant, teacher, librarian, or parent, we're delighted to have you visit.

YouthWrite Society Canada, a non-profit and charitable arts organization, is twenty-one years old! We are a group of passionate instructors and supervisors who have formed a collective to ensure that our camp and our vision carry on in perpetuity! We are committed to maintaining the calibre of instruction and wordplayfulness that have been the trademark of YouthWrite.  

We invite YouthWriters everywhere, both current campers and alumni, to stay connected and to visit our site often. Here you can see your words and artwork in print, receive updates, check out young writers' market information, register early for our camps, and access professional help from YouthWrite Society members.

Have updates for us? Please stay in touch! We appreciate your comments, feedback, and love notes.

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Check out these two accounts of the fun we had last summer. 


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