Our Supers...are simply extraordinary!

YouthWrite Supervisors
since 1996, have been a carefully selected, hand-picked team of talented young people.  All have worked with coordinator Gail Sidonie Sobat in some previous capacity prior to joining the supervisory team.  Gail looks for a special kind of person to be a supervisor, someone who is easy to work with, has a great sense of humour, loves young people, loves and participates in the arts.  Some experience in performing is a must!  Often supervisors are training to be professional artists or teachers.  In every case, supervisors who work at YouthWrite have the "X-factor"!

Inaugural Supervisors 1996 (left to right):  Tara Lathan, Michael Munrow, Gail Sidonie Sobat (Coordinator), April Diver.

YouthWrite Supervisors from the Past:


Tara Lathan  (1996-2000)

Michael Munrow 
(1996-1998, 2003)









April Diver  (1996-1999)

Kelly Spilchak 


Mark Haroun  (1998-2007)

Heather Osborne  (1999-2000)

Devon Goodwin 

Kalika Bowlby  (2003-2004)

Sara Kapler  (2004-2006)

Ashley Zarowny 

Joe Vanderhelm 

Marla Albiston  (2006-2017) 
Now River Valley Experience






Paul Kelba  (2004, 2007)

Leslee Mackie

Anissa Hamdon Morison  (2007)

Caleb Nelson 

Kristel Harder












Noel T
aylor (2007-2017)

Elisha Pinter

Anna Cooley







Nick Carter 

Charlotte Cranston (2013-2016)











Morgan Moffatt (2013-ongoing)



 Elena Belyea (2014-ongoing)


 Rebecca Collins (2014-ongoing)

  Kevin McCann (2014-2015)

 Lester Thomas (2014-ongoing)

  Olivia Latta (2014-2016)











Stephen Fong (2016)











Peter Takach (2016-ongoing)











Cole Feth (2017-ongoing)













Miranda Martini (2017-ongoing) 

Dylan Thomas Evans (2018)

Jennifer Hill (2018) 



Deirdre Sprenger (2018)