The YouthWrite 100 x 100 Fundraiser


100 x $100 = $10,000 SmackaLoonies!!!

We’re looking for 100 people to donate $100! Do the math! That’s a whole lotta money (and love) in support of young people who love to write…just about anything.

Three easy steps:

1.  Make a donation to
 YouthWrite via cheque (payable to "YouthWrite Society Canada") or via PayPal (for credit cards).  We'll send you a tax receipt  AND  a signed and numbered print by arachnidously famous Spyder Yardley-Jones (only 100 printed!).

2.  Share
 YouthWrite's 100 x 100 with others!  Do you have a rich old uncle?  A well-heeled cousin?  Neighbours with more loot than they know what to do with?  A business with a heart for helping creative kids?  By all means, tell them all about us  OR  have them contact the coordinator via the website.

3.  Spread the good fun(d)raising word via Facebook and Twitter!

Donate $105 online here!